Exciting News for GTA 5 in 2017

GTA 5 money

Though there were some reports that production and advancement of online content for GTA 5 was going to slow and stop in the Spring of 2017 -nothing seems to be further from the truth. With a huge release and another series of DLC’s scheduled for 2017, it looks like your GTA 5 money will continue being worth nearly the same amount as Vietnamese Dong* well into 2017.

There will be more cars to customize, more missions to go on and with the recent snow update and the planned police features, the 2017 hype alone is deafening. Though the new cars and game modes are fun I’m more interested in the rumors that they will continue with the storyline from the main game. GTA 5 was one of those rare games where I could actually recall the characters and the story they were in well after playing through it. The online mode is obviously where they are maintaining such a broad audience so long after launch – but there is no reason they couldn’t lasso these dedicated players into a new branch of the story -even so much time after the initial launch. It would be more or less unprecedented in the AAA game market, but entirely conceivable.

In fact if they do choose to continue the story and interesting DLC’s it is likely the only thing that could take down GTA 5 from its high horse will be Rockstar’s next planned mega hit – Red Dead Redemption 2.

*No kidding, if you do the conversion based on what you pay for GTA 5 money in actual dollars – it is only fractions of a cent away from being just as much as the official Vietnamese currency. So if you’re a multimillionaire in GTA 5, you are in Vietnamese “Dong’s” as well. That sentence is hilarious one multiple levels.