Spells of Love Got Me

One of my best friends is a really sweet girl who, unfortunately, has had a lot of troubles in her life when it has come to men.  She really is an amazing person, but she has always seemed to attract men who really were not right for her.  Some of the men have been decent enough, but personality differences have just led to things not working out.  Other men, of course, were just not very good people, in my opinion, and so I have always felt bad that she has had to put up with them.  In order to try and get things working out for the better for her in her love life, I decided, as a gift that she did not know about, to talk to a spell caster who casts spells of love for people.  I know it sounds a little bit kooky, but I wanted to help my friend out in any way that I could, and this seemed like something that was at least worth a try.

spells of love

    The amazing thing is that I am not sure if these spells worked better than I had thought and had an effect that I had not quite expected.  As I began to spend time with my friend, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her.  I had never thought about her in this way before, but as the days passed, it became apparent to me that I was falling in love with her.  Finally, one night while we were out eating dinner, I told her how I felt and she expressed that she felt the same way.

    We have now been dating for about six months, and I can’t help but think that these spells actually had an effect on me as well.